About Us

Welcome to xPleasures, an award winning store catered to men. The premise of our business is to provide top-notch service and products for men by men! Our selection of underwear, swim wear, and sports wear are chosen by experts in the adult entertainment industry, and are geared towards achieving the following goals: amazing sex, powerful and mind-blowing orgasms, and new sexual adventures and experiences.

Only at xPleasures will you find top quality brands, a great selection of gay-friendly products, and superb customer service that's completely unmatched! Hassle-free returns and our money back guarantee ensure that all orders and products meet your highest expectations.

Underwear are highly personal. Make sure the store you deal with pays attention not only to your individual needs, but also respects your privacy and credit card security.

At xPleasures, you will find a wide selection of underwear, swim wear, sports wear, and many fetish items in our exclusive backroom.